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MyFerryLink is the only French operator who provides ferries between Dover and Calais, and their ships have a unique and welcoming ambience. MyFerryLink offers up to 8 ferry sailings in each direction every day, offering the scope to find a perfect ferry for your journey to Europe.

MyFerryLink’s ferries

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MyFerryLink operates a modern fleet of impressive, luxurious, and fastest ferries in the Channel, with The Rodin, and The Berlioz, previously run by SeaFrance. Operated by French crews, these ferries provide stylish comfort featuring contemporary décor and stunning views. Onboard, MyFerryLink ferries have something to suit every taste and appetite, from the self-service Le Relais to the relaxed Le Pub. With a kid’s playzone, nursery and Boutique offering excellent shopping opportunities for wines, spirits, chocolate, perfumes and toys, your French experience really begins once you step onboard a MyFerryLink ferry.