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Hovertravel operate the only passenger hovercraft service in Britain and are the oldest and longest running commercial hovercraft operator in the world. Their services run every 30 minutes for much of the day with some peak hours having departures as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Hovertravel’s Fleet

Hovertravel - map of routes

Hovertravel routes

Hovertravel operate two hovercraft with a frequent service (plus additional services at commuter times) and the journey time is just under 10 minutes.

For 45 years, the Hovercraft has been the fastest and most convenient way to cross the Solent, and Hovertravel is proud that it continues to provide its customers with this unique service. Whether it is carrying commuters and school children between Ryde and Southsea, enabling those who live on the Isle of Wight to shop in Portsmouth, access medical facilities, travel to London, carry tourists to the Isle of Wight, or transport concert-goers to the famous Isle of Wight Festival and Bestival. The service is only suitable for foot passengers, however there are fantastic bus links connecting the terminal in Southsea to Portsmouth Harbour and Portsmouth station and public transport on the Isle of Wight is sure to get you where you want to go. There is a limit of 30 kilos of luggage per passenger on Hovertravel services.