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Pentland Ferries is a family run company providing a dedicated service from Gills Bay in Scotland to St. Margarets Hope in the Orkney Islands. The small size of the company means that they are focussed on providing good service at low cost and are able to take the time to talk to their passengers and find out exactly what they want.

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Pentland Ferries currently own two Catamaran vessels, the MV Pentalina and the MV Pentalina-B. These fast craft catamarans make the journey between Gills Bays and St Margaret’s Hope in just 45 minutes and offer up to three return sailings a day. A cafeteria and snack bar on board ensure that you don’t go hungry while observation areas enable you to take in the stunning scenery of the Firth. Wild life enthusiasts or indeed anyone with a passing interest can look out for whales, dolphins, orca, porpoises and seals. Alternatively there is plenty of space to find a quiet area and relax with a cup of coffee and a newspaper as you cruise in style across the Firth.